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How to Overcome the Top 4 Excuses for Not Traveling

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People often cite excuses such as finances, very little time, and language barriers are some of the more common reasons they don’t leave their front doors or their countries in order to seek out different experiences. With planning and preparation, you can basically do anything. Don’t limit yourself or your creative abilities from getting on back on track towards the traveling you want to accomplish.

Save Money and Pay Down Debts

This is probably the most obvious rebuttal to the money issue, but sometimes the most obvious is the easiest excuse given. If your lifestyle and spending choices are getting in the way, help them get out of the way by planning how much money you’ll need to get in a financial situation where you can travel and have a blast. Always save more money than you thought, because you won’t want to come home simply because you didn’t prepare yourself
for something you should have known about.

Make Time for What’s Important

many people don’t even do anything or go anywhere once they have the vacation. That is just sad, people. You need to plan out your time and your life. Even if you only have a week or two, you can plan a wonderfully relaxing trip that might give you a new perspective on your life. Signing up as a volunteer in another country might help you even balance your work and life responsibilities once you see how others live. You might even come home more thankful for the many blessings so many Americans have compared to people in other countries. Time is on your side if you let it.

No Excuse That You’re Single

If you were a solo traveler, you aren’t alone. There are plenty of single cruises and even tours that accommodate people who are single. In fact, most people will probably be shocked when they see that you went at it alone. If you go through a tour company, you probably won’t be lonely at all. You can made friends along the way, and you will have a wonderful time. Decide if you can travel by yourself or not, but don’t make it an excuse. Your life is for living. Go and live.
You can’t use the excuse that I don’t know the language. You can download free podcasts and check out language books from your library for free. Also, the world has seen an increase in language schools and tours popping up all over the world since people want to see a country, meet its people, and learn the native language. Many people around the world want to learn English, so you might even consider teaching English in a country while you make your way around the world.
I know we make excuses because we don’t want to come out of our shell. It’s painful. I’m well aware that it is easier to discount a whole process with a single paragraph laden with excuses, but who does that really serve? It doesn’t serve you, and it certainly doesn’t serve the people out there traveling and living out their lives. It’s better to recognize these obstacles and change your frame of reference. I’ve yet to meet a person who thought that traveling the world was the worst thing they ever did; usually, it was the best thing that could have happened to them. Learn from those people and enrich your life.

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